Thursday, October 1, 2009

Transparent Fur

"When I turn twenty-one, I don't want any more of this life. My mother and father will be surprised at the incredible change. It will impress them more when such a fuck-up like me turns good than if I had been a good [daughter] all along. All the past years I will think of as one big vacation. At least it wasn't as boring as schoolwork. All my bad behavior I'm going to throw away to pay my debt. I will change when everybody expects it the least."

the most productive thing i did all year was grow my hair out

i started a slim twig fanclub

he is one of the best creatures i have ever known

this is what technology has done to us

this guy seriously puts a smile on my face whenever i am down

i need more god in my life


Pygmy Cea said...

Wow! I just realized that photo is of Nathan. I hope 21 turns true for you even if things will never be the same.

Anonymous said...

i love you kat! get you some jesus. call bekah, im sure she could help you. since she lives in SA now

Anonymous said...

if i had a myspace, i would so join that fan club.