Wednesday, September 9, 2009

If You're Young and Sexy

I'm in a rather creative mood at the moment.
I'm also in a shopping mood which is not good news to my bank account.

I've been spending my endless summer catching up with my San Antonio friends and visiting my Austin friends as much as possible.

I've also been spending incredible amounts of time with my beau, Nathan.
He's probably the reason I've been feelin' crafty. I'm really into the Psychobilly/Rockabilly music that he makes.

We've been talking about putting together a music video for this one song he has called "Death & Beauty".

The song is about a psycho killer who cuts young girls apart and stitches them together to make the girl of his dreams.

If that interests you then check out his music myspace:

The music video is going to be pretty sexy and gorey. We need some lovely ladies to dress up like dolls and cut apart. So if you're interested in taking part in this GrindHouse-esque horror music video then let me know.

In other news....Halloween will be here before you know it and EVERYONE needs a costume!!!
I have had a few people ask me to help them put something together and I got a little idea.
Custom Costumes for a low price....or at least a lower price than renting them from a costume shop.

I will make you virtually any costume you want (within reason) for a price ofcourse...and have it to you within a week. But that does not mean I will make a bunch of costumes the week before Halloween!! You have to order them now so that we have enough time to get all the materials and have a few fittings.

Call me up if you wanna MAKE something!

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